I'm new here. Signed up a few nights ago. Not too long ago I posted my first very personal story... Well it was a poem actually, but whatever. I just wanted to put this question to some people to see if I can get some feedback. If you have a minute to read my story, please do. Let me know if you think it was worth me posting... I'm not used to putting myself out there, but if anybody likes it at all I have a lot of poems and stories I can share. The poem in question I posted as "My Addiction". Very original title, I know, but it was the best I could come up with! Since there seems to have been a slight confusion, let me add that the question I asked, was it worth it, is only asking if it was worth my posting my poem.
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always worth posting!

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agreed :)

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Dude as an ex alcoholic/substance abuser and addict

************IT IS NEVER, EVA, EVA WORTH IT*************

You already know this :)

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Should have made it more clear, I meant... Was it worth it for me to post the poem. The only reason I did was to try and share my experience and warn people of the dangers. I know that what I did in the past wasn't worth what I went through.

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apologies for the misunderstanding.
Wishing u every happiness and success
Helena xo

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Not a problem. Thanks for checking out my question. :) By the way, since you understand what it is to be addicted, you will probably understand the words better than most... And I'm around if you wanna chat. Sometimes it is nice to know there are others who have been through the same crap.

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Sure thang dude and ditto.
Add me if you want.

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