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Me and a friend recently had a fight. My is really good with computers and has hacked into other people's facebooks before and messed with their stuff. This friend also has hacked into websites and routers and much more. After viewing my status feed I noticed someone that I do not get along with anymore that I deleted is on my status feed. I go to unfriend him and there is not button saying unfriend. I scrolled through my friends list and he did not appear but when I went to his page it stated we were friends. I then clicked report/block and I tried to unfriend him that way and it would not let. Eventually I ended up blocking him and that worked. Do you think my friend would have hacked my facebook and did this after our fight? I also tried to unfriend some other people and the button was there so that is another reason I am wondering
karebear101 karebear101 18-21 3 Answers Dec 13, 2012 in Parenting & Family

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If it was or it was not, it doesn't matter. Contact Facebook not EP to get your account secured.

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