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The guy I been talking about he emails me now and ask my friend at times how I'm doing. But he won't talk to me at all like we were. But will talk through email and ask about me. Why would he do that but won't or will he ever talk to me again like we were? Just wondering. Don't make no sense. Please help. Thanks.
lilshooter lilshooter 36-40, F 2 Answers Aug 16, 2012 in Dating & Relationships

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He could either be an idiot.... Is he an idiot? Or he is hiding feelings and is afraid to face you. If he didn't care he wouldn't be asking about you at all.

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Thank you. Yes he is an idiot. Lol. But he won't have nothing to do with me and cut me out but does all that. Why ? Will he ever talk to me like we were? I have a feeling he is hiding things by how he does me. He does me different from other's. But won't face me. Why and will he ever again? At seen or really talk to him in a year. He left not me.

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When I was young a man loved me and I turned down his proposition to be his woman because I loved him but like a best friend not as an intimate partner. It hurt him deeply and I asked for forgiveness 3 separate times but I could see the bitterness in his face and he puffed his cigarette. He said he forgave me but his action said differently. We quit talking and my mom being a waitress at the time switched jobs a lot and he would go to lunch with lady friends at work and find my mom and on a weekly basis ask her how I was. After 10 years of silence he finds me and he was so sorry for what he did and he's my best friend again and then some. So I am sensing here that this man you speak of has hidden feelings.

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