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In my dream my boyfriend and i Were chosen to ride to another planet that was filled with aliens. We had special breathing pieces that looked like usb devices with a cord thinh that was placed in our noses. For some reason I kept taking mine out and it caused me no harm but I would always put it right back in. The aliens were very prejudice towards us, even though we were escorted by the alien \"president\".
jackiemae jackiemae 18-21, F 2 Answers Jan 18, 2014 in Health

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You just moved someplace new at the request of someone important. Although your comfortable when you're alone, you feel threatened when surrounded by strangers and glue yourself to your iphone.

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No particular interpretation is possible ba<x>sed on a single dream.<br />
<br />
Just remember that dreams are the brain's way of storing away the day's experiences into memory (and tossing out the unimportant stuff).

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