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Some mad b***h insisting I donate to her charity or I'll burn in hell...

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> Caller: Your computer has a virus sir !!

>Me: What ????? Oh no what should I do

>Caller: Press the Windows Button

>Me: I am

>Caller: What can you see on your screen now Sir ?

Me: Nothing

Caller: Are you sure

Me: Yep

Caller: Can you go into the control panel....

Me: How

Caller: Go start/....... (long spiel)

Me: Oh god I am getting worried now ....... this is a work PC should I notify my supervisor ???? How did this happen:

Caller: Just press the Windows Button

Me: I cant see it do anything

Caller: You should see something pop-up in the corner of your screen ....

Me: I still cant see anything...........should I switch on PC

Caller: (Getting Irate Now) yes .... yes turn it on

Me: Here is the expert coming home now...I will put her on (hand phone to my smart *** 14 yr old son)

Son: Hi where are you calling from

Caller: India

Son: What is the weather like today ?

Caller: What ?

Son: Dad is calling his supervisor....dont worry he is a policman

Caller: line goes dead.....

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I was at work once and answered the phone with the usual jargon only for someone to play funeral music down the phone to me!!

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Sounds like a setup. Should've asked if you could mail them a blank check instead.

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I told them i didn't order any pizza, I wasn't even home and I'm not paying- they said I better give them my credit card info to pay for 3 pizzas or they will report me to police- I told them go ahead- the police will be able to check what phone number really ordered the pizzas-

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That's still bogus. EVERY pizzaria on the plant has caller id. I still think they were attempting to set you up. You did well in your reply to them.

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