I f**ked up my foot recently, and as such I can't paint my toenails. So my (male) roommate was sweet enough to loan his toes for me. While I was painting them he started joking about "we're basically already married." I laughed it off by saying "If you want to be married to the most damaged person in the universe." Did I handle that correctly? What do you think it means?
cosmicspeck cosmicspeck 22-25, F 5 Answers Oct 7, 2012 in Dating & Relationships

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Could have come off as

"My toe is damaged"

or as

"I have no self esteem"

Hmm. I wouldn't worry though, it's in the past now.

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You handled it well in a jokey way. It would depend on the intonation in his voice when he said it to know what he meant.

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Only he knows what he meant. If you want the relationship to advance, then ask him.

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He wants you

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