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The Party THIS IS THE STORY--please help if you know anyone in southeast PA or northern MD....please!!! Hi Paul! So you say you don't remember too much about Saturday? Poor you! Let me tell you everything then. I will try to tell all. When I planned to have a few of the girls over the other night I also planned to ask you to come over and fix the "broken" toilet at the same time and turn the tables on you in a card game in order to see your bod - which as you will see is exactly what happened! So when you arrived in your cap and coveralls it was so perfect! You of course were interested in the five of us and our little Mardi Gras card game and had no way of knowing it was all planned ahead of time! I had everyone bring a mask and $10.00 worth of quarters. I brought an extra few rolls for you! When you arrived and saw us playing I of course knew you would have to go and fix the toilet so I asked the girls if we should invite you or challenge you to play ...
flpala321 flpala321 36-40, M Feb 20, 2014 in Dating & Relationships

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