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If I was, then my life turned out to be pretty disappointing.

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Yes, this and thousands of other questions.

Who am I, what is my origin and purpose, my relationship with God and religion and mankind?

Luckily, I have found freely and easily all answers in the Holy Books which are available on the Internet.

I feel that the answers I find are somewhat clear, reasonable and convincing..., because many askers express their consentment.

I know that my answers are not satisfactory, so I have to think more and to make the answers more perfect. The reason is that the Teachings of God are lofty beyond the reach of all human beings. No one can understand completely are share loyally to other people. Therefore, there is the emphasis on independent investigation of truth. I satisfy with my answers only if they cause people to embark on their own search, either for agreement or disagreement.

This will cause the development of all minds for carrying forwards an ever-advancing civilization on earth.

We are lucky with all Books freely accessible on the Internet.

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Among other things.

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Hope there is more to my life than that.

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Can't answer that. Gods may kill me.

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