I once read about a guy who robbed a house but forgot his fake eyeball which had a serial number on it that was traced back to Him. Or the guy who wrote the bank money demand note on the back of his paystub, really, his paystub!
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With my car parked on the street directly in front of my house. I was surprised to see a man sitting in the drivers seat of my car. I walked up to him and asked if he was having car troubles. He replied that he can't seem to get the car started. I held up the keys in my hand and said that perhaps my keys for THIS car would work better. He replied "sorry man, I did not know that this was your care. I'll leave now. " Not till I took his picture with my phone did I move way from the door so that he could get out.

For some reason I don't think he wanted to deal with the baseball bat that I was holding in my hand.

When the police showed up I showed them the photo. They knew right away who the person was. It only took them a few minutes to find him and and place him under arrest .

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I like how u did that...very good thinking. Usually in those situations our adrenaline overpowers our thought process, u handled it quite well. Lol

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I’ve never understood why men have this subconscious tendency to avoid asking for directions under any circumstances. That’s why I have to say I’m a bit proud this man took the initiative to stop and ask where he was going. I immediately took it back when I read the rest of the story.

According to the AP, a carjacker got jacked himself when he stopped to ask for directions from a TV news crew.

Apparently he stole a car at gunpoint with the driver still inside, then stopped a reporter and her cameraman for directions because when you’re carjacking someone, you want to be around cameras as much as possible, live television cameras especially. Hey, you need to build a resume.

The driver managed to alert the news team that he was in trouble and followed the car until police arrived. They were also the first news team in the city to get the story. Well, that’s some damn fine journalism if you ask me.

The suspect was charged with aggravated robbery and arrested. On the way to jail, he escaped and stopped to ask directions from a police officer, meter maid and tazer toting crowd of Boy Scouts before they picked him up and placed him back in police custody.

this is my all time fav one :)

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I heard of a guy who when pulled over for weaving in and out of traffic and was asked by the police officer if he'd been drinking said, "No, man, but I can get you high."

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Drugs make u so intelligent, at least the guy was being generous

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A couple of years ago one January day, some idiot robbed the bank in a neighboring town not far from where I live. He got away on a snowmobile, and drove it straight to his house. The police followed the tracks to his house and arrested him.

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