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Date my"first." Move to Texas. Have that fight with my sister. Seperate from my beloved-longest seven weeks of my life!! And give my father a chance..hes a soul dead wretched human being.

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Used the time machine and Start Over Again!

My choice of parents

Do LIFE Over Entirely, While NOT Repeating the MISTAKES!!!

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Fall for an abusive guy.

Give trust to men.

High school.

Be hurt by guys.

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1. Take a life.

2. Get a divorce.

3. Bury a child.

4. Hurt a loved ones feelings.

5. Have an auto accident

6. Do something stupid working on stuff and hurt myself.

7. Get struck by lightning.

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I can't think of anything to put on that list....guess I need to do more

Best Answer that *****, date That *****, date that one *****, take those pills, waste money on that again, pretend to enjoy those people...

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I don't ever want to get pregnant again since I've got 4 children and am 48 years old. lol

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Steven Tyler can have "Burger University".

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procrastinate.......and.......and?...........i'll make the list tomorrow

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puking and retching while my mouth is elasticced shut and my upper and lower jaw was broken in 5 places.

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