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Class, Wit, and ability.

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Smart is applying what they've learned in school and knows how to handle things naturally.

Educated is knowing how to act accordingly and has some masters degree or bachelor degree.

Intelligent is the combination of being smart and being educated .

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Well, let's take them separately:

Educated means that you've attended some classes (or at least you've PAID for some classes) and answered enough of the test questions correctly. Education does NOT imply that a person is intelligent or qualified to perform a given career task.

Smart is something one can become. It is more a categoric term for someone of whom possess natural intelligence, who may have used natural, intellectual ability to their advantage. This is known as being 'smart'.

It is just a difference in that some may harvest their natural, often high intelligence, to become 'smart'.

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A smart person knows what to do with what they've learned. An educated person who isn't smart just regurgitates what they remember but doesn't know how to do chit

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