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Start dancing round the room when an episode of Wonders Of The Solar System was on, with Professor Brian Cox (physicist) for some reason I start jumping from side to side and it was so funny. I know it sounds weird, but it's true, don't know what happened! Lol :)

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I'm not sure.

My parents used to say I gave them hours of amusement by somersaulting down the stairs as a baby.

I brought the house down with laughter at a performance in primary school, playing a Danish mother not reacting to the flood to the bathroom and collapse of the ceiling.

At an endurance ride, when photographers wanted the very tired winning horse to perk their ears for the camera, I went out in front of all to perform some hatha yoga exercises. It was so extraordinary to the horse, to see a human up-side-down, that they did perk their ears. I have no idea why, but it made all the humans laugh themselves silly. Perhaps it was the breaking of propriety and tension.

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looked at your profile

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lol....hope you had a real laugh at it :)

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