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Very briefly....

The South began the American Civil War with a superior cavalry due to their Agricultural life style and poor road system. Many upper class Southern boys literally grew up in the saddle. Likewise, many of these boys were sent to West Point. Wealthy Southern families liked to see their sons become Colonels or better yet, Generals. Cavalry officers were romantically viewed as gallant gentleman.

After the second year of war, Northern boys became as comfortable in the saddle as their counterparts. The North was also quick to equip their cavaly with the best of guns and saddles. The industrial North developed and improved "war machines" while the South struggled to equip their troops.

The face of warfare began to change. The saber was abandon for pistols or repeating rifles. Awe struck Southerners claimed that Yankees could "Load on Sunday and shoot all week." The ***** because a means to get to the battle. Men dismounted to fight. Richmond allowed "Raiders" to organize groups of horsemen to attack Northern soilders, railroads, and supply depots.

It was the begining of the end of the "Gallant Cavalry Officer."

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The advantages were better military leaders and the south also had the advantage of fighting on their own territory. Only two times did they try to fight in the north.

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Better generals, at least in the first half of the war.

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Not much. They were not given enough ammunition, food, medical supplies. While the North were adequetley supplied with all the essentials. The south were barefoot toward the last few years of the Civil War. They were starving, and exhausted. The only thing the south had was heart, and they believed there way was the right way, that was how they were raised. It's hard to change peoples beliefs. I live in the deep south Louisiana, and you wouldn't believe the seperation between the white and black people here that still go on today.

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Better uniforms.

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Well, the South had the drive, the spirit, to fight. The South was trying to preserve their way of life, economically and socially. The North was not completely united, some people didnt care for slavery, nor did they care about states rights. But the South had a united cause. but it wasnt enough to win the war.

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