I know it takes time but my brain is scrambled. I'm exercising in the pool nearly everyday dieting I've only lost 1 kg in two weeks, I look big as I took a picture of my full self.
onir onir 26-30, F 5 Answers Dec 30, 2013 in Community

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So keep it up for a life time.

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you are being to hard on yourself you don't look big in the picture if you want to know a diet that did help me lose weight it is a lo carb diet keeps you healthy but still helps you lose weight if you really feel you need to lose weight

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You're supposed to be healthy!

Eat healthy and exercise and don't concentrate so much on how much you weigh ..

Consult your doctor to find out what the best weight and exercise regime for you are.

Is that your picture?? If so, you look a lot younger than the age you state on your profile.

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yes that is me, I am 27 :)

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About what?

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