I love to invent stories, and i love to do art (you can check some of it out in my photos) so i was thinking of doing something new now; i could either make it a comic/graphic novel, or i could just make it text, or i could (and this would be awesome if i could pull it off :D) ANIMATE IT with some 2D animation software (btw if you have any suggestion for how i should do that, please tell me :D) and this is what i was asking for first of all: i want to decide what species that the majority of my characters will be. NOT human, im sorry i hate humans lol. I was thinking, maybe wolf? Some cats? Maybe birds or something? Just chose some animal with variety in its appearance (to do multiple character that look different) and they should be pretty cool. Nothing cute and fluffy or whatever. I\'ll even accept mythical creatures ;D thanks!
ImmaKilljoyHorse ImmaKilljoyHorse 13-15, F 1 Answer Dec 28, 2013 in Hobbies

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