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the right to life, liberty, and the pusuit of happiness is the basics. unfortunitely, many people don't have them.

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I hope they get rid of the human rights act in the u.k. because this is what everybody who commits crimes and terrorist are hiding behind. H/alf don't speak english but they know how to say I have human rights.Decent people in the u.k. do not have human rights.

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Human Rights is a universal concept that was best laid out for Americans within the United States Constitution. The basic idea is that all people should be able to live their lives according the way they see fit. No person or government should interfere with the private decisions of the individual person. That's it in a nutshell.

Civil Rights came about through movements such as the ex-slaves of America who worked endlessly for over one hundred years just to get the notion that black people should be able to vote according to the same registration and ballot process as white people. It took a hundred years for that legal racism to be changed. The Jim Crow laws were extremely repressive and unnecessary. So, the success of the civil rights movement for people of color is a testament to the power of the US Constitution and its promise.

Civil rights for women was a different path. It is important to understand that many states considered women the property of their husbands just one hundred fifty years ago. The founders of this country didn't consider women worthy of the vote. Women have only been able to vote for eighty-nine years in America. So, every woman who has a position in management or was given the opportunity to better themselves owes a piece of her success to the fantastic feminists who persisted and made it possible for women to be treated equally under the law. Also, civil rights for blacks played a piece in the success of womens' rights because the initiatives for blacks opened the door for our leadership at the time to include women in the process.

Why do we have civil and human rights? We have them because we are a country that is based on the notion that everyone should be treated equally under the law. We also believe in this country that anyone who wants to work for it should be granted opportunity. It is very troubling to me that you even asked this question. I don't know if it is education that is failing us with respect to the matter or that those with the agenda to close the door on civil and human rights are winning the day.

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I don't like these homework questions. I will only answer this boring question if it's open book!

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not every1 has them...

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