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I dont have any, but I lie a lot

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Oh gee, never sleeping,clean freak, keeping anyone who gets too close at arms length... thats enough

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I drink from the milk jug.

I click my pen alot during the day.

I leave cubboard doors open alot. I'm getting better at shutting them though.

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cutting...pathetic right?

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well one of them is touching myself too often....(idk can u even do that too much?...anyway.... ;)

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Smoking, chewing my fingers, just a lot of nervous habits.

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Eating when I am stressed or depressed

Not finishing things around the house


Losing my keys, glasses, purse or whatever in my house

Allowing things to get messy

Analyzing things too much


Loving the wrong people


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hehe he he he hehe... um... where should I start?

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thank God i live by myself b/c i have a lot of bad habits.

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I crack my knuckles (and most every other body part) and chew on the inside of my lips.

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