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going into debt or paying your bills

you figure which one is who.....hehe

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Obama wants to raise taxes on investment in business and on small businesses, which Romney opposes.. One of the basic facts of life is that whenever you tax something, you get less of it. The idea that Obama's policies will foster good economic growth is nonsense. They will encourage American money and businesses to head overseas.

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I am not sure you can say much about what Mr R would do, but you can infer some things based on his work history.

The only real differences between the two will come down to how they view individual Americans and what they would choose to defend or eliminate of our current menu of rights. As far as the economy goes, they would very likely do similar things.

Regarding Rights:

- Mr O is not the first president, not the worst either, to believe that the rights of the individual are at best a distant second to the desires of the collective.

Just as the FBI almost instantly began exploiting the "anti-terrorist" laws of the early 00s to go after non-terrorists, Mr O has found it expedient to delay -- or, as far as I know, not even bother to -- repeal of those draconian laws.

If your individual rights really meant something to him as he (correctly) bashed the Bush administration and congresses for passing them, would it not stand to reason that he would spend at least a little bitty bit of effort attempting to repeal them?

- What would Mr R do? Who knows. The only indications that we have that he is unhappy with this arrangement is his association with Bain Capital and his use of any legal arrangement to improve his lot in life. No rational person -- actor, owner of Berkshire-Hathaway, or otherwise -- does any differently.

There are only so many of us who put making the most money out of our situations at a low priority. The same rules that make it possible for Mr R to do what he does are the same laws that allow the rest of us to do similar things. That we live in a country where a person can get extremely wealthy indicates better chances for all.

- Would Mr R have the federal government meddle in state affairs like gay marriage? I doubt it, at least not any more than Mr O has.

About money and the nature of the international economy in relationship to the American economy:

- Most importantly, Mr R would not consider even making remarks that might trigger trade and capital wars that would make the current recession and unemployment look like the golden days.

- Mr O tends to rattle the cages of the frightened (unions, America Firsters, etc) when he believes it will garner him some votes, but he never does seem to act on those ideas... Someone must be telling him regularly that causing the USA to anything other than the safest place to invest is a bad idea.

- If elected, Mr R will probably favor the sorts of quantitative easing that the current regime exercises. (Does the president or Congress really have control of the Federal Reserve anyway?) It is not in the liver of either man or their parties to default and restructure our federal debt. Both will choose to inflate the debt away, of course, destroying middle and working class savings -- if they have any -- along the way.

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Dumb and Dumber

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Bananas, oil, water, cross, holy land

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Which one of Romneys?

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They both suck?

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