We're in the middle of 30 straight days of sex and I'm looking for any fun ideas that we could try! Serious answers only please! *Peak in on our relationship at*
JohnluvsSarah JohnluvsSarah 26-30, M 9 Answers Oct 23, 2009

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Lie naked together and play word games on each others backs. Guess letters and phrases the other one puts together. Occassionally rub the *** nice and slow and throw in a kiss, but play for a while. Eventually you will build up some sexual tension and energy you can succomb to....

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Reminds me of Doug Brown's book...

Do you assume all sex has penetration? If so, rethink long can you tease before the other one says NOW!!! ?

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When you've "brought her to boiling point," try rubbing or tapping her cervix. Some women can ****** directly from this:

And it might pave the way for enhanced intercourse if you find she's pleasure-sensitive there.

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slide your **** into her *** and pump her really hard til you are balls deep,and then hen u are about to *** pull out and slip it into her mouth...

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Talk frankly about your sexual fantasies - however prohibited it may be. But make sure your wife has complete trust on you. Fantasy really arouses women and you will experience something more than usual

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Loud music, a blindfold, rope, and a feather. You take it from there...

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My God!!!! Thirty straight days. You bloodhound you ;)

What have you been doing. Take some of those things and make some variations on them.

Also, have you done any food play. Spray whipped cream, chocolate syrup, anything edible and phalic shaped, etc., can be fun.

Got toys?

Well, that should be enough to get you started.

Have fun.

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