So it takes place in Ohio, and I really don't want it to be an existing high school... I want something more fictional.(: thanks guys. ***Any ideas help, but I think more fictional is the way to go. (:
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If you're wanting the more fictional approach, I think something like East Columbus High or Academy would suit best. If you're thinking of trying something more realistic yet remotely fictional, try maybe Rockwood High. Hope this helps you in your incredible journey called writing.

-Mark Lightern, head of Writing Priveleges Inc.

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Think about what your story is about. The main characters. The setting. Everything. Put all of that together and what would be one word to describe the story? Name your High school that word and add high or academy or high school at the end.

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maybe like goodygoody two shoes school of idiotSS?

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Water high acadamy or something like that

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Some good endings are Academy. So you could think of something you think sounds good and on the end put academy or high or high school. You can also choose park so you could do wattle tree park or walnut park or something like that. Hope this helps!

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Gettng High ? , Gen. Jackson High, Twilight High, Sunset High?

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Median High, Eye-Eye High, Circum High, North Apex High, Grassland High

How about these?

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1: East Liverpool High

2: Northwest high

3: Columbus High

4: Armstrong High

5: Edison high

6: Marietta High

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Newt Gingrich High School

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Mountain View High or Valley View High. Or to get away from the realistic sounding ones, you could use something like Crunch Time High School. Nitty Gritty High School. Down and Dirty High School.

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give it the name of your favorte president or the name of your favorite famous person in history I would suggest thedore roosevelt is my fav pres

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jenson's acadmy

or rockville summerschool

or if you are doing a scary book you could try tranilvania prep

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I've got some, i ain't sure if some of them are real:

- Watts High School

- Blueberry High School

- Rosenberg High School

- Esmerald High School

- Yankton High School

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