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I've been alone for years. I love female companionship and would like nothing better than to be in another wonderful relationship. It's just that nothing seems to work right. I get into the most bizarre situations, everything from someone being in witness protection and having to move again, to another dying in her sleep because of an aneurism. You name it, I've probably been through it. I just attract strange cases.

Then when I attract someone normal, I feel like I must be the strange one. So, I've remained without a single date for over five years. I remind myself that I can watch television whenever I want and watch what I want. I can go shopping in an electronics store without having to go to Macy's and watch as she goes through ten dozen outfits and has me help her decide if something makes her look fat. The emotional swings where I can't say or do anything right in her eyes making me feel helpless because I'm also supposed to be a help mate and failing at that.

Another negative is having to compete with someone who she deems as "caviar" while I'm more like "tuna fish". I've been dumped for someone who is rich and another who was famous. The feeling of being inadequate is an upset.

Relationships are great until they end. Then they bring about hurt, long bouts of depression and anxiety, lack of sleep, unable to concentrate on your job... So many things that relationships do that make me wonder if they are worth it.

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Being alone can be lonely but being in a relationship can be lonely without the option of going out and meeting new people.

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i am alone too. no arguing, no jealously. no dumb questions, no dumb answers.

& think if half of the world is alone. then when are alone together.

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Always having this "yap yap yap" in my ear. Do this! Do that! How come you never look at me when you're talking to me? Why don't we ever talk about anything deep? Why can't you ever be serious? Why are you always serious? BLAAA BLAAA BLAAHHHH

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Don't think of the negatives of the relationship, I mean seriously anything good may have bad points, but in the end it's worth it. If you think about the negatives you may end up messing up your relationship

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