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Christmas day when I was 5

My first bike

My first dog

and the day my beautiful daughter was born.

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Going on trips to Colorado, Dallas, Kansas City and Oklahoma.

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being at my daughter's college graduation, seeing my children develop adult personalities.

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my marriage

birth of my 2 kids

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Let see: My mam haveing my brother, his illness, being wipped, spreading my feakal matter in kindergarden as a rebelion, first day @ school, family chrismass in Cracow, mountain excursion and laudreading with family, being bulied, failing entry exams, night with my girlfriend, weaking up in hospital after accident, wayting for corrective operation, immigration, detentiion in Singapore, arrival to Austraia, travel to India, marriage, birth of my children...

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I have so many! some are good, some are bad. When I was 21 I took out a line of credit and left the country (Canada) to live with a man I met playing xbox in Australia. We lived together for 3 1/2 months and I came back, I don't regret it but i'm still paying off that stupid line of credit and i'm 26!! terrible I know!!

Not this summer but the one before I met a much older man online through his message on youtube and we met me in Jasper and we spent a week together travelling and camping. It was quite fun!!

Lots of good times though, that is what life is about :)

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Well, there's the one where i get rejected and my heart is shattered. Jolly.

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