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We've all seen the guy with the blow up doll, or the lady with the toilet paper veil, but I want as many good idea's on the table, like wearing a shirt covered in life savers with the words a buck a suck or like what my dad made for me was a real ball and chain, it weighed 40lbs with a real shackle it's been passed on throughout my family lol! Pleasure toy parties, trips to Las Vegas and games I want to hear it all! Helloooooo! Anyone??? lol is it that lame of a question?
Jesusfoundme Jesusfoundme 31-35, F 4 Answers Mar 3, 2010

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you all dress like ******, get hammered and go to chukie cheese and hit on the jailbait.

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Well for stag party, you'll have to ask a REAL guy. This tender princess can't help ya there at all. But for stagette? I would steer you to a Google search (Ya know, Google should be paying me kickbacks for all the business I bring them!) for what they call in the UK: "Hen Night", Google: "Hen Night party ideas" or "Hen Night party favors". You shall find a veritable wealth and abundance of what have you: just hen night party favors alone could make an entire evening: picture if you will: a ten inch diameter, four foot long, inflatable unit of specific about a velcro dart board with the velcro "darts" being little plastic replicas of that same unit of anatomy...and those New Years Eve things you blow on and they make a goofy horn noise and unravel, except that they to are deftly crafted as to be that same unit of human anatomy...and my...squirt guns that are replicas of that anatomical unit...getting the picture? One time when I had to scare up some quick cash, I mail ordered a bunch of anatomy unit hen night favors from a UK supplier and sold them all in just a couple of hours at my nearest gay bar. The boys were eating the stuff up! breath mints shaped like tiny schlongoes, little gummy schlongoes that you could throw anywhere at anything and they would STICK!

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Strippers, strippers and more strippers.<br />
Oh yeah, tons of grog too.

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