I'm not asking this to promote cyber bulling of pregnant women (that would be just horrible). I ask this because today I had a doctor tell me one that when skinny pregnant women wear tight shirts and their bellybuttons stick out threw their shirts, it weirds him out. While the random confession (and I few others he shared) made me feel like this doctor's psychiatrist (lol), his observation of a pregnant stereotype made me giggle and I can't help but wonder, what other funny/quirky/odd things do pregnant women do that annoy/irk other people. My question is meant in good jest/fun.
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1. i hate it when women breast feed in public

2. i hate seeing the crazy things women will eat when they don't have money for food. i was a good example of that.

3. pregnant women letting them selves get abused and bossed around and not have a mind of their own and being vonerable.

4.skinny pregnant women wearing a bakini with a outie belly button. grose.

5.belly button outies!!YUCK!!

6. the vaginal discharge and bladder infections.

7.pregnant women going to the gym to work out....WTF!!! you can seriousely hurt the baby doing that ****. and you can go in early labor.

8.pregnant women jogging.

9.lock up places starving pregnant women and giving them food thats bad for the baby.

10.pregnant women taking a bath when you know your not suppost to do that. you have to take showers.

11.pregnant women eating and drinking any thing that would harm the baby.

12. pregnant women smoking.

13. pregnant women swimming. i mean come on what if the baby came out and you could never find it in that dirty beach water.

14. i hate it when pregnant women change their babies in public. wtf!!

15. i hate it when women let their husbands and other guys change a girl babies dieper, clothes and giving them a rape babies.

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When pregnancy turns them into helpless twits.

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Insisting that I'm the father.

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It's the stuff they do afterwards mainly, like breast-feeding anywhere & everywhere, with the excuse that it's only "natural" to do so. Plenty of us have done just fine on formula, thank you, so use that in public, please, & do the other in the privacy of your own home.

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I think they're hot - mood swings would be my guess

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ima call the cyberpolice

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