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Sit back and watch the world make a mess of itself.

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Yea, but can't you do these things if you're NOT single?

The reason I ask is that I'm single.. have no friends in this town and it feels like such a cold & bitter place. I go to bars, shops, even church and I find it to be very self-segregated among genders (with women preferring to be in groups that exclude men.. especially in churches) the men seem friendly, but the women seem REALLY cold & bitter

I know they're not ALL like that, it's like the doors song "when you're strange" my perception just seems to notice the coldness.

I want to do some things (enjoyable things) that I couldn't do if I were NOT single because it might make me feel better about my situation.

I tried going to a ***** club (can't do that if you're not single!) but.... yuck! I hated it! all it did was remind me of how cold the women around here really are & made me feel like a pervert. I left ASAP.

I want to do something that distracts me so I don't notice myself being single & wishing I wasn't, but puts me in a public place so that the universe could put me where I need to be for this situation to change.

Everything I can think of involves a solitary activity.

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You sound so much like myself. Hang in there mate.

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Go to the bathroom lol

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Ideally they can really do absolutely everything by themselves except be with someone else.

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go to a movie , take yourself out to lunch , go to a bar and chat up anyone who will isten

if your an introvert find a really good book , answer questions on ep, take yourself to the driving range or batting cages , enroll in a gym

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Coffee shops and internet, hiking/walking, take classes

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