I go to an all girls school, and i NEVER get to see boys and I want a boyfriend SO bad!! help!
lolali321 lolali321 13-15 8 Answers Apr 12, 2012

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Wait till the dance with boys school.

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"Hey, dude, I've got boobies. Are you one of those 70% of guys who digs cute lil freckles? 'cause... Check it. Boobies. Freckles. Whatcha think?"

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You could try going to a park. joining some spots for both girls and boys. hope it helps.

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1st thing u do is stop looking. second thing is stop wanting. girl take it from me, men are dogs maybe u can take time and do you. look good for you because its like when you're looking for something then the minute you give up you find it

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if you go to an all girl school.. dont they have activities with all boy schools within the area??

Go check out what the parks and rec has to offer as far as art classes or whatever classes may interest you that are offered for both girls and boys.

Some sports through the parks and recs have teams that have both girls and boys on them.. like volleyball.

Go out to local places like bowling alley.. batting cages... mini golf .. video arcades

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