What are some strengths and weaknesses of Abraham Maslow's Humanistic Psychology theories, namely self-actualization and peak experiences? Are there ways these particular theories can be applied in contemporary mental health clinics/therapy?
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One strength is that, by closely studying people with positive mental health, he was able to discover an order of priority for dealing with client's needs, to help them function to the best of their ability, and then transcend it by fulfilling their potential.

The main "weakness" appears to be that psychologist find it difficult to find ways of proving his theories... although I can't imagine why... I can imagine several ways of testing.

The main strength of his theory comes, I believe, from its success when applied in therapy.

His theories form the foundation for several different humanistic therapies, each based on the idea that people possess the inner resources for growth and healing, and facilitating them to discover the resources, and use them.

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I guess he have to see about our primary needs in order to reach self-actualization

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