I have been married for over 30 years and have forgot
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one day when your watchin tv or somethin look mover at her and say "can i kiss you"

throw her up against the wall and say "i wanna **** you so bad"

when your done having sex whisper "i love you"

^ thats what my boyfriend does and it works for me lol

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I can tell you 3 that does NOT!

1. What is that?

2. WHY would you want to do that again?

3. It is suppose to last longer than 2 minutes?

AIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

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Can I help with that/anything?

Would you like a massage?

Would you like to go out tonight/dance with me? (or any other romantic/kind gesture.

Of course this only works if you follow through.

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1. Are you wearing underwear?

2. Do you like to kiss?

3. Do you want to put your hand here on me?

Of course you must know that you should already have a relationship with this woman, or you will be knocked out the closed door of the car.

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1/ would you like me to buy you a new dishwasher ?

2/ would you like me to buy you a new hoover ?

3/ would you like me to buy you some headache tablets ?

please take this in the jest it was intended....couldn't resist it ...sorry !

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If I knew that I would have the answer to life, the Universe and the possible reality of God.

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1.What was your childhood like?

2.Who do you hang out with more? Guys or Girls?

3.How do you feel about your sexuality?

1st question gets you inside her head and you get to findout who she really is.... if shes being honest PAY ATTENTION TO HER cause you only have one shot....2nd Question gives you an idea if shes a flirt she hangs out with mostly guys if shes a shy girl she hangs out with mostly women so adjust your game accordingly...3rd question does she keep her ideas to herself and she keeps her fantasies to herself or is she an adventurous lil **** who likes the **** anyway she can get it.... good luck guys save yourself the hundreds of dollars and get laid today just as with most things dont overuse it and if your are confronted with a raging lesbo or a bull dyke just move on theres always more fish in the sea!!!!

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1. (slowly rub a finger down her spine or arm and say) Wanna do something fun?

2. Whisper in her ear (DON'T SPIT) I'm bored... Wanna dance or such?

3. Are you the type to play?

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N/A. Males with inferior genes should have a naturally more difficult time with mating. Also a fair percentage(?) of women, with freedom of choice, have proven themselves INCREDIBLY bad with mate selections (more than half of the women in my life, such as family and mates). End result? Population control is an effective means of controlling other problems that might occur. Sorry my fellow humans, but no other animal on this mudball coddles the weak. DAMN YOU HIGHER INTELLECT!!!!!!!

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sweetdeanie stole my thunder, and those are wonderful.

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1. What is the truth value of the null set in a non-classical logical proposition?

2. Was the conception of pi the result of inductive or deductive reasoning?

3. What was the basis of Schopenhauer's dislike of Hegel?

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