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they are the beginnings of the death and destruction of the soul - what are we without a soul

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after 7 sins you die?

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gluttony, pride, sloth, wrath, envy, greed, lust......oh yeah watch the movie "seven" i think it is...pretty sure brad pitt was in it....not sure though I could be wayyyyyy off lol

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yea i was asking because i was gonna watch it. my therapist told me it was really good

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it definitely is! have a couple beers (if you drink) and make sure there aren't distractions, bc the movie is soooo much better when you get lost in it! Then again, what movie isn't? lol

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Don't know- I haven't died from any of them yet.

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3.1 Lust

3.2 Gluttony

3.3 Greed

3.4 Sloth

3.5 Wrath

3.6 Envy

3.7 Pride

The others were the commandments...LOL

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stupidity should be one, but let's see if i remember them all

1. wrath

2. vanity

3. gluttony

4. greed

5. envy

6. sloth

7. lust

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whats gluttony?

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People who enjoy food a bit too much.

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doesn't have to be food... can be anything... and avarice is the same as greed... pride/ vanity/ vainglory ... some have more than one namae depending on where you see the list...

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ask google lol

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