Knowing these elements is beneficial for us. What are they?
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Required: Predicate aka Verb e.g. Run!

Optional: All else

Phoenix: what about adjectives, etc,?

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Let's see, Subject, ummmmmm........and Hydrogen, sometimes with a predicament.

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Didn't they teach you that at school?

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What are the elements of a sentence

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1. subject

2. predicate

3. object

4. predicative (aka complement)

5. adverbial

In the sentence below every type of sentence element is present and is represented in this example by a single word.

* They elected him president yesterday.

They (=subject), elected (=verb), him (=object), president (=predicative), yesterday (=adverbial)

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he he...i agree with satinpanties.

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a noun and verb, adjective...and a sentence should never end in a verb. I have forgotten have of that primary school stuff.

or it could be a conviction, and jail term...hhhehee

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u people are making my head spin!!!!!

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Too much to go into on here, but check out the website below if you're still looking for some help:

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