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Ok this is an home assignment for me.. i was asked to write down 5 points about the hidden and open things of my life.. but i don't understand what really my teacher is trying to ask.. any idea?
Thatsmystyle77 Thatsmystyle77 22-25, M 3 Answers Jan 22, 2013 in Health

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5 open things:<br />
<br />
I smile often<br />
I'm tall<br />
I'm brunette<br />
I'm plus sized/curvy body type<br />
I don't have children<br />
<br />
5 hidden things:<br />
<br />
I'm agnostic<br />
My IQ is very high but I'm an underachiever<br />
I'm actually an introvert<br />
I absolutely never want to have children and have had an abortion<br />
My dad is wealthy

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thanks for sharing.. Glad to know i'm not the only one who's agnostic.. :)

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