I know I've already heard about: -They're so far away. -We can't get physical with each other -Lack of communication -Not communicating well enough -Jealousy Is there any other hardships that you came across that almost put your relationship to the rocks?
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Why is it you are looking at the lows? There are the massive and ultimate heights.

Unless you KNOW for absolute certainty you will never be able to meet up then I might see where you are.

It's hard. And the best way in maintaining your romance is in communication.

Here I was in Ft. Lauderdale while Robert was in Montreal, Ca. While we weren't doing something else like working, shopping, running other errands, for the most part we were in communication constantly. Via MSN we connected with headsets. (no long distant bills)

Our computers were in our bedrooms. This way we would chat each night till we fell asleep. Sometimes we'd cry together. And many times we'd laugh at the situations that were in front of us.

Sweetheart, you MUST strive to keep things happy. Otherwise you fall deep in the hole unable to climb out.

For us, our divorces went through. He moved down to Ft Lauderdale, married (via JP) and we went through the Immigration process.

Look ahead, always in front of you. Always keep your thoughts and feelings inside the next and following moment.

If you get sad try not to show it to him. Depression spreads in these types of relationships.

Stay strong and it will work out! Believe in tomorrows that WILL come. The IMPOSSIBLE becomes possible, only when you belive in miracles. They WILL come.

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I've been through an online relationship, and I've never met him either. The month that I met him was also the month that I married him. Yes, there are the lows and highs, I've been through them. However, right now, I want to know, all the lows that people go through when they're in a long distance/online relationship. Every situation is different, and I hope that learning as many situations will help me, help others better. That's why I ask. :)

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I feared the LOWS. I knew they could enter. Yet I didn't want to get there. I refused to let them take me down. It's just to easy for them to vome in.
THUS we both worked with this.

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Misunderstandings! Though they are due to lack of clarity in communication or from certain preconceived perceptions.

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Physical contact is missing, just to hug him now and again would be nice. We talk on internet every day, I visit as often as possible, and I hope to go and live in his country soon. At the moment I miss doing things for him, taking care of him and receiving his care too. If you keep in contact it will go well, but trust is an absolute must. If you can't trust your partner then he or she is not the right one for you.

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The fact you want to touch and hold them so bad and can't the not knowing when or if you will ever meet..etc etc...Having that same problem myself now

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Well, adding onto the physical part, I couldn't read him. I couldn't notice anything different about him, only our conversation topics. I also knew I wasn't really present in his life.

I couldn't hug hug him and be there for him physically when he had really needed me. I'm not too talkative so texting and other things couldn't express how I truly felt sometimes.

He couldn't take me out to a date.. Insecurity also came on from us both. He also is really attractive, many girls hopped on him so often..

So that's some more add-ons.

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I've never been in one.

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