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Lay on a chair my clothes I'll be wearing for work the next day. Prepare a lunch for work the next day. Straighten my house. Set my alarm clock. Get a magazine to read until I drop off to sleep.

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Sounds like a really healthy, productive and relaxing routine.

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1. Floss and brush teeth

2. Remove pants and socks

3. Get into bed

4. Read a little

5. Pray

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Count sheep, howl at the moon, eat a watermelon, watch forest gump and close my eyes

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Forrest Gump is my all time favorite movie. I don't know how to howl at the moon but I do love watermelons.

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Then you would really benefit from my nightly routine, I can tach how to howl

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1. Say good night to my EP friends,

2. Refresh to make sure no more quesitons

3. answer questions

4. say good night to ep friends

5. repeat step 1

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1.) Check my calendar, see what's in store for tomorrow.

2.) Brush my teeth

3.) Put aquaphor on my lips cause I get dry skin around my mouth

4.) Set my alarm

5.) Snuggle under my covers!

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1. Fap.

2. Fap.

3. Fap.

4. Fap.

5. Fap.

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Brush my teeth, change my clothes, watch TV, go on my phone, pray.

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1.change clothes


3.have cigarette

4. check phone

5. listen to music or other audio/video

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Well since half of them are private I can't really say!

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Well, we'll all just have to use our imaginations then.

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I don't 'go to bed' as often as I pass out at some point. So I don't really have a ritual. I do usually get into comfy clothing, grab a warm drink and spend a little time on my laptop if I get the chance.

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turn off computer, feed the cat, brush my teeth, get under the covers, turn out the light

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pee, shower,pjs on,have a glass of water, read, wash teeth

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