I just got out of a year long relationship and am surprised to find myself feeling much better - my life is stable, I'm doing things I love, and I honestly don't miss it! So my question is - what are the pros or cons of being in a relationship?
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On the plus side; you're never alone. On the negative side; you're never alone.

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Pros- You're never alone, you have someone to talk to, you have someone to enjoy and share new experiences with

Cons- Sex gets boring, You're social life suffers, you have to change things about yourself to suit the other, and if you're a girl- you're guy seems to feel like he has 24/7 access to your body (sorry, if I sound like I'm man hating with the last one... own personal issue.)

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Pros- you can always trot out this "other" when you need an excuse to rebuff an unwanted advance, Cons- unfulfilled expectations, I (and I think others), tend to have expectations of those we're involved in, and eventually they wll fail to live up to them. How we deal with that ultimately determines the fate of a relationship, and how important those expectations are to our personal value structure.

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pros: having someone to turn onto, to cry on

cons: being hurt later. damn this sux!

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Pro-someone to be there for ya, someone to cuddle up to and feel safe and reasured, someone to have in common and have fun with, enjoy fun times. Con- being tied down and being told what to do, family hating from each side, getting annoyed by certain things, secrets between each other, not enough trust, (from my experience) fighting between the ex wife and gf and too much talk behind each others backs, too much distrust and dishonesty, very difficult with nothing in common

Best Answer get to share experiences/moments with the one you love...they (should!) do nice little things to remind you how much you are loved...It keeps you smiling....somewhere/someone to go home to... have to compromise on experiences/times and general stuff to fit in for the 'other person'...It's a co-operative. Jealousy from other people on both sides...

Martika Duponte

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I am in the best relationship (I am married)....I dont get sex anytime I want it, actually sex is a rare thing for us. But she is the best friend I have ever had in my entire life. We enjoy all of the time we have and share together, we have alot of things in common and we love each other so much. There is alot of respect in our relationship, we allow each other to be ourselves. Sure we are exclusive and faithful to one another, but neither of us feels "tied down" or that we have less freedom or space. We stay within the boundaries of our relationship and marriage, but we have freedom with in those boundaries to do and be whatever we want. I think that if the relationship is a good one, that there really arent any "cons"....I could only think of "pros" from mine.

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Sex any time you want it (usually)

Sex with only one person

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*You always know your going to get laid

*you have an extra paycheck coming in

*You have some one to listen to you *****

*You arent alone on the holidays


*You are tied down

*You are never just you, its you two

*Things are expected of you

*You have to share

*You cant be free

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Pros: Free sex

Cons: You have to do what your partner tells you.

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i love Elagarto's answers. they are so witty. but as for me, i think being in a rel'ship is nice because you always have someone to turn to. on the other hand, having someone there all the time can get major annoying--especially if you're the kind of person that needs their space

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