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A mature person isn't defined by age as much by action and the way he/she handles life's challenges.

A mature person listens well and doesn't try to fix all your problems.

A mature person knows there is more than one answer to most questions.

A mature person knows he/she doesn't have all the answers.

A mature person takes care of his obligations and does his/her best not to promise more than he/she can deliver.

A mature person doesn't go chasing after materialistic things and youth but mostly takes the vagaries of age and life in stride.

A mature person knows that life has it's ups and downs and accepts this and knows that life isn't always about chasing down fun.

A mature person is creative in his/her way to handle challenges in life and has learned to accept people mostly for who they are instead of trying to change things.

A mature person doesn't run from challenges.

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a person that takes responsibility for their actions

knows how to forgive even the deepest hurt

believes that a kindness is never wasted

appreciates the simple things in life instead of material B.S

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Grey hair :).

Someone who accepts the good in their life.

Someone who is not self destructive.

Someone who is responsible for their own finances/life.

Someone who looks after/cares for their family members.

Well 2/4 aint bad :).

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Listens to what other people have to say even if you completely disagree with them

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Behaviour, dressing, way of speaking, gentleness, e t c

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After reading emilysghost, a matured person is definitely NOT like my ex. What she has just described was exactly like my lover except he is not mine!.sucks!

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a mature person does not 'block' people whose opinions they don't agree with

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Mature people don't exist in my world.

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Knowing how to treat people right, not letting your emotions control you, & being happy with just yourself.

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a person who laughs at themselves, never others, and doesnt say other ppl are immature.

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Wrinkles and sagging bits. Your hair-line receeds and you start growing hair out your ears and nostrils. On the positive side, you know everything.

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being able to arrive at a decision using only wisdom.

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Not hoging up E.P. would be a sign

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I depends on what form of the word you are meaning.

Maturity could be age, but no matter how old you are, emotional intelligence I believe, would have to be a good sign.

As for me... I am somewhat mature in age, yet my personality and nature of my humor would suggest otherwise at times. I choose not to let the age interfere with staying young forever.

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