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1) Arrange funding to put my niece though college

2) Finally get the flat aranged the way I want

3) Earn my masters in education

4) Learn to play electric bass

5) Finish making a quilt

6) Learn Spanish

7) Finish writing book of erotica

8) Visit Spain, Amalfi Coast

9) Take Flamenco dancing again

10) Fall deeply in love one last time

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i like your answer in #1 and 10.

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1. Go balls deep in a unicorn.

2. Tongue punch Taylor Swift's butthole.

3. Buy a Swiss army knife.

4. Change my name to Big Balls Magowski.

5. Find Waldo.

6. Fart long and loud in a crowded elevator and blame it on a black guy.

7. Take a huge dump in the local community pool.

8. Own a pet squirrel and put it on a leash.

9. Sleep with an alien. (A green one, not an illegal one.)

10. Most of all, I want to become president.

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Im loving it!

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lol "Some" thought went into that.

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Sleep with an American lady

travel the world

Sleep with an American lady

travel the world

Sleep with an American lady

travel the world

Sleep with an American lady

travel the world

Sleep with an American lady

travel the world

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oh lala!!haha!!and where are you from anyway?why american lady?

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you should ask where I am from as a question you will get many many answer

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I'd tell you, but much too much to type here. Let's just say...they're not the generic things people would want to do.

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Hopefully get married and have sex. That ten times

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hahahah!!!yeah, you can..i think it's easy to achieve.;P

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1. Go to America for a holiday.

2. Become an amazing guitarist.

3. Have a band.

4. Buy a car.

5. Go to University.

6. Go to a concert.

7. Write a book.

8. Get lucky with Brody Dalle.

9. Get lucky with Josh Homme.

10. Get lucky with Emily Browning.

How those last three are going to happen, I don't know.

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Life is full of surprises and unpredictable..who knows, you'll be lucky to achieve one of the last three.

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I hope so!! Hehe :)

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1. Travel the world as much as possible.

2. Ride a horse.

3. Marriage.

4. Sky daive.

5. Buy a ps3

6. Buy a nice sport car.

7. meet my EP crush.

8. have a tgier as a pet.

9. Buy sumsong galaxy S3

10. Kiss a girl under the rain.

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same,skydive is on my list.

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Achieve a comfortable living status

Achieve a comfortable living status for loved ones

Visit various places of interest in the world

Learn a few different languages

Publish a novel

...that's about it.

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i like the # 2.

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Travel the world as much as possible

Retire in a tropical place I cant pronounce

Get my masters in scuba diving

Would by a trip to outerspace but around 100G

Cage dive with great whites in South Africa

Publish a book

Buy a couple Eurasier dogs

Oil paint to my hearts content

Have another child

Grow my heart and spirit as large as I can muster

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I like the #10 the most.;)

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Yeah its a daily challenge.

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