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The addictive traits of marijauna are less than that of cigarettes or beer. They are present, but in a psychological way. For instance, if a user of meth(speed), is coming down s/he may be angry or tired, yet cannot find a way to sleep. If a person can't smoke a bowl it turns into cabin fever, its more a feeling of being extremely bored.

I smoked pot for 10 years, and last monday I stopped using so that I can pee clean so that I can get a government job, so a 10 year user(heavy user: morning, mid-morning, lunch, afternoon, evening, before dinner, after dinner, before bed, sometimes in the middle of the night, always before work, usually before school etc) anyway, I went cold turkey tuesday and have found myself very bored. That's the only withdrawl, which isn't a withdrawl cuz I started smoking to cure the boredom. Now I'm just back to baseline boredom.

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grumpy tired, frustation at the little things, and for the one who answered that marajauna is not addictive talk to someone who really wants a high because i know a few people who will drive 2o plus miles to get some when they don't have enough to buy diapers they always have money for pot. but pot can hel[p relieve pain so there is good and bad points, anyway we are not here to discuss pot, if you know somone who uses meth, expect anything it all goes with the drug it eats holes into your brain like worms and it kills off parts even after you quit using, be careful it's like a pit bull good dog until it's not

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I don't agree that pot is NOT addictive... but I will agree that you won't see any "coming off" symptoms. When someone is high you can see it in their eyes... if they have used a fair amount. There eyes can be red... pot has (most of it anyways) a distinct smell.... similar to a skunk.

Other drugs will have different symptoms.. they can be anxiety, depression, really depends on the amount of use and what the person was taking.

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geeze Crimefridge

MAYBE FromChaos is asking because he/she doesn't know? People are so quick to throw the word ignorant. wow.. didn't realize some people were born with knowledge.. found out somewhere didn't you?


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laugh a lot.

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Agreed... asking that question is a sign of ignorance. Amphetamines damage you permanently, and are the worst drug of all time. Marijuana can actually help people.

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