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1. Earn my doctorate degree (which I did in my mid-to-late 30s).

2. Marry the woman of my dreams (which I did on December 31, 2011).

3. Have children (twins are expected February 2013).

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all the best

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Hi sorry for my negativity but for 2. you will only know toward the end of your life. From experience (not mine in particular)... Very very rare but possible, and I sincerely wish you the best!

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Alltrue: My wife is the woman of my dreams and I am thankful that I married her.

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Get a life, get a life and get a life

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Breathe IN

Breathe OUT

Live in the NOW

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I want to go overseas, probably Germany.

Have a kid

fight a wolf......don't ask

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1. Make a difference in someone's life.

2. Find what I'm passionate about and go for it head on.

3. Travel the globe.


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To know empathy, awareness and love by their middle names...

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Enlightenment, Freedom and Spirituality

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Faith, hope, and charity for me.

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1-To live in a house

2-To be happy in all phases of my life

3-To survive my 3 daughters teenage years

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being married



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go on a REAL vacation, retire in New Zealand, Fall in love and be loved.

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1. Find the love of my life, marry him and have kids.

2. Be the best that I can be at my job and profession.

3. Travel to as many countries as I can.

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i found similarity between ur and my post. but the order is different. Think tht matters too. lol

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Well, to me love is more important than anything else.. because what's the point of life, if not to love, be loved and create more life?

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1. Have a healthy body

2. Contentment

3. Companionship

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1. Get married.

2. Finish the whole Grimm collection

3. Open a business

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1. Care a lot less about what others think of me and enjoy life

2. Find my purpose in life and make the difference in the lives of others

3. True peace of mind

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1. Be the best dad that I can to my kids.

2. Be the best dad that I can to my kids.

3. Be the best dad that I can to my kids.

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Find someone who really loves and understands me, help a large amount of people, (like, millions. Somehow.) and cheat death. I really don't want to die.

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1) Become a Best-Selling Author

2) Get married and have kids

3) Make a change in the world, in a big way.

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1. Get money by right means to help needy people

2. Make something new for humanity

3. Help Muslims wherever they are at all cost.

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