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My volunteer work. It makes me feel very good when I am involved in doing volunteer work. It makes me happy to make other people happy.

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Dancing ..... in another world

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Horses.. I aprently love them sice i was born. i love everything about them... the way they move they ways they sound and even the wasy the smell.. i will neer no like them... i like them because they are so loving and sweet.. they dont judge by looks or religion or size, they only care about how you treet them.. and they are the best secret keepers LOL

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I'm passionate about music. Specifically drumming. When I have people to jam with and I'm in my zone I feel like nothing else really matters. My groove and THE groove is everything.

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Am passionate about understanding people mostly women.

I want find the right one for me, if i find the right person now then i won't have to put in work later

It make me stress because am shy at first at first, so it hard to communicate

when at clubs i feel free.

At other location where i could talk with out loud music

i feel a connection of love :O

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I am passionate about creative writing (novels and screen plays). That is what I do for a living and when I am doing this I feel blessed by God.

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