i.e. what ways are you most scared of dying; what ways would you think would be the most peaceful ways to go?
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Five best:

1. In your sleep

2. During a quick and painless car accident

3. A quick painless heart attack, while surrounded by solace and nature.

4. By a guillotine (quick swish and it's over) or by suicide (that way you can choose when and how to die)

5. Under the sun in a meadow, in an empty forest...

Five worst:

1. At the hands of another human (knife, gun, rape, beating, acid, poison, torture).

2. Drowning/suffocating.

3. Burning or freezing alive.

4. Being eaten alive by an animal.

5. A slow and painful death by an incurable disease.

My best death would be during my sleep (or suicide). I'm not sure what my worst would be, as they're all pretty bad, but my worst fear is rape and/or torture, as it much more probable than any of the other scenarios.

And to all those people who chose heroic acts or suffocation for their last death, I'm sure they would be singing a different tune if it came to a real life situation. Besides, you're dead, would you even be able to care what people think of you?

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1. Being tied down and attacked by a pack of rabid Shih Tzus, bites as small as mice, you'd eventually die in a week or two as they snack on you.

2. Having your brain pulled out your nose probably sucks.

3. Falling into a hole so huge it takes days to finally reach the bottom, and its a molten lava pit, so you slowly melt.

4. Being slow roasted alive for a feast for cannibals and the only thing you have to entertain yourself is counting their teeth, and that ends quickly.

5. Falling off a cliff, having your eye pierced by a sharp branch, which then pulls it out of the socket, leaving you hanging by your eyeball for a few seconds before finally falling to your death below.

1. Drowning in a huge tub of orange jello.

2. Drowning in a huge tub of hot chocolate

3. Drowning in a huge tub of Guinness

4. Suffocating in a huge tub of gummy bears

5. Dying in my sleep.

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Peaceful... In my sleep

worst... fire or drowning

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Five best:

1) mutual self-destruction (as brutally messy as possible) while ******* a lover and just reacing the big O.

2) shot in the forehead after climax.

3) fire. Yes, I want to see it coming and feel the heat.

4) long distance free fall, eyes open all the way.

5) strapped down, loaded with explosives and left to play with myself and watch the clock tick away.


1) anything alone

2) disease. too slow, too arbitrary

3) accidentally. Wasteful.

4) freezing.

and worst of all.

5) old age.

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Outside of in your sleep, I'd say...


1. Freezing

2. Carbon Monoxide poisoning

3. Fall from a height (If it kills you instantly)

4. Suicide by shooting self in the head (then you get to choose when you die)

5. Having somebody else shoot you in the head


1. Burning

2. Acid

3. Drowning

4. Stab wound

5. Disease

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I'd be most terrified of falling from a great height or burning up in a fire.

The only "best" way I can imagine would be to die in my sleep; to simply not wake up.

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I wouldnt want to die in a car accident by being decapitated or something gorish. I've always feared dying in a plane crash as well. It would be awful to die in an earthquake or being swallowed up by a manhole.

I would prefer to die as an elderly grandma/ great grandma surrounded by a loving family.

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BEST :during sex,shot point blank in head with shotgun, in sleep, od on anything nowadays,and plane crash......worst:stranded on the moon, slowly skinned alive, tied up in a room with a thousand hungrey rats,being dissected alive, tied up and forced to watch Richard Simmons!

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* during strangulation sex

* drowning

* frozen

* electrocuted

* suffocating


* in my sleep in a hospital bed

* murdered by gun shot

* attacked by wild animal

* traffick accident

* burned a live

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Best: 1) slow roasted and eaten by cannibals

2) drawn and quartered

3) Impaled

4) Skinned

5) the rack

Worst: I mean Anything quick and painless.

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Best: By doing something that will guarantee you are immortalized on YouTube for the ages. Or, failing that, by going in such a fantastically horrific way you succeed in making the paramedics throw up when they get to you.

Worst: Woodchipper, feet first.

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5 best:

- in my sleep

- while having sex

- heart attack

- breaking my neck

- over eating chocolate

5 worst:

- fire (as in actually burning not by smoke)

- Airplane crash

- Drowning

- Falling from something high

- Murdered

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5 best ways to die:

Explosion resulting in instant and total obliteration.

Morphine overdose.

The rapture (I mean technically...).

Being hit directly by a meteor while trying to punch it.

Being shot in the head.

5 worst ways to die:

Being cut in half.


Bleeding to death.

Hanging gone wrong.

Slipping on a banana peel and falling down a manhole.

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I have always wanted to die in my sleep. There are a million ways I do NOT want to die. shot, drowned, beaten, or any other form of a violent death. It scares me.

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i don't think morbid i try to think positive because this world is morbid enough without thinking about death

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I think that the worst way is being shot in the stomach and experiencing the stomach acid going through your body for about 15 min. before you die. The best/most peaceful way, I think, is being shot execution style (through the head)...

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not dieing

in my sleep

in my lovers arms

with my family





awake and feeling everything



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1. Being eaten by cannibles while alive, piece by piece.

2. Being slowly cooked to death in a clay pot.

3. Being put on a pike where the pole slowly penetrates your butt and slowly from force of gravity makes its way to your brain.

4. Being eaten by army ants.

5. Being sodimized until your insides come out and you die with your guts hanging out your butt.


1. Old age.

2. Sleeping.

3. At the climax of an orgasam. For the one dieing but not so much for the other one.

4. Falling from a great hieght. You will pass out before hitting anything.

5. Saving a childs life.

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* A heroic act

* Murdered

* Eaten by some wild animal

* Standing up for what you believe in

* Kicking and fighting all the way


~ In your sleep (how lame is that?)

~ Suicide

~ Drowning

~ Burning

~ Frozen

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In more realistic scenarios than many people have given I'd have to say that he 5 best ways I would like to die from are:

1) Suicide (a death from my own desicion)

2) Drowning (it can be a very peaceful death)

3) Being shot in the head

4) Being hanged (but to the point where my neck snaps)

5) Dieing slowly in a loved ones arms (even though that is no one at the moment)

Worst Ways:

1) Being burned alive

2) Dehydration

3) Malnutrition

4) Bleeding to death

5) Diening knowing no one really cared about you

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