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When people use the bathroom and don't wash their hands then wanna touch meeeee, ewwww

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When my blood sugar drops really low and i half to furry up and eat before i die.

Im sooooooooo sick of that!

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People that sit their glasses on the coffe table without using a coaster,

Couging and not covering their mouth

Using the restroom and forgetting to spray

Leaving dirty dishes in the sink (regardless if it's one utensil)

Dirty house (ewww)

Poor hygiene

People who try to hard to be something or someone their not.

Many many more but I'll stop at these.

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Why my gf or ex gf, asks me... hey do i look pretty today.. and truth is they don't, so u either lie or face the music.

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when people continuously ask me if they are annoying... they werent annoying me before but now they are

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