I personally HATE when people talk during movies.
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. gnillepS tcerroC , Poor spelling is even harder to reads when it appears backwards thus it is more than a " eveeP teP " with Dyslexia .

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i hate having my stuff moved!! if i put something somewhere, i expect to find it there! gggrrrr......

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This is going to sound horrible, but I can't help it.

What drives me insane is people who do not spell properly, or form proper sentences.

That makes me not answer their question-sometimes.

I know we all make mistakes when we type, but wow...some of the grammar i see here.

Oh well. I do read some of them. But that is my biggest pet peeve.

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Honestly, that's a big one for me too. I ignore it though.

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Getting an email and it's full of text speak


At a checkout line, people you know who are well off, but they are bargaining for a few cents off items

Another checkout line pet peeve is a person who takes the receipt while still at the checkout then runs down each item making sure they were charged the right price ... I know two people who do this and I make sure I'm never behind them in a line

People who pass me on the highway a few miles out of a town, they save a whole five seconds by passing me when they did

Daylight savings time in the spring ... I hate losing that hour

News reporters I've come to realize that most of them don't have a brain in their head, but because they look good and can talk pretty good too while reading off a teleprompter, we have to listen to the drivel that they are delivering

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Guys who are control freaks.

My friend Belinda once went out with a guy who was shorter than her (she's 5'7'') and ask her not to wear high heels on the second date. Needless to say, there was no second date. She told him he needed to "grow up.''

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People who text while driving!

People who drive down the right shoulder and try to beat you at a stop light so they can cut in front.

Anyone who calls on the phone to try to sell me something

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one of my pet peeve's is when i ask a friend to come over and hang out and the whole time the're on thier phone's texting and i just feel completely ignored, i mean i text too but not around company, thats just rude......X(

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smacking while eating, leaving the tooth paste top off, spit in the sink, the toilet lid left up, toilet paper roll put on under instead of over the roll, dirty dishes left in the sink, shoes worn in my house, slurping coffee, rude people, animals on my bed, wow I think I have to many to list.

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All those things annoy me too.

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