This will be the first year without my Dad, since he recently passed away, so it will be very different for me, remembering his memories. I will be visiting my Mom and helping her decorate and make new recipes.
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I have been asked to spend it with my Brother and his wife (who I am not keen on) and most of her family and friends.

I am trying to decide whether I will stay at home or work in a Crisis at Christmas shelter instead!

Probably be the later.

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For as long as I can remember Thanksgiving is a BIG family gathering ... the BIG has become less over the years compared to what it used to be when I was a kid where 40 to 50 relatives would gather at my grandparents place for the day. Now that number had dwindled down to about 20 and this year the first without my mom ... there are no set plans yet ... I think everybody is kind of hesitant to step forward and hold the dinner ... but I'm sure it will happen and there will be plenty of food including the family favorite a meat pie made from a recipe that I can only guess has been in the family for generations ... my sister and I are the only ones in my immediate family right now that can make it as close to what my mom and grandma used to make it ... so that recipe will live on for now but I'm sure a couple of dozen cousins that may have mastered it too by now. Anyway Thanksgiving has always been fun times and always, always has great memories associated with it

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Our tradition has been broken this year... we usually went to my husbands parents for big turkey meal with his family. They are headed to the Chinese buffet this year instead, so I'll be makin' a turkey at my house instead.


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