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In too much of a hurry. We have more free time now than we ever did, more disposable income and travel is much easier.

Day 1. Children met

Day 2. Jump in the sack

Day 3. Have affairs

Day 4. Get pregnant

Day 5. demand paternity tests

Day 6. Say they will "step up" but don't even have a job

Day 7. Get high and prepare for the next Day 1.

Guess I'm too old and boring for the youth of today

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Were totally ******.

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People always think whatever generation they're in is the living embodiment of Sodom and Gomorrah or whatever. People are people. We've got some major problems right now, but what generation didn't?

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The last 50 years have been a rough transition period from our agricultural roots into the modern industrial world. Future Shock as Alvin Toffler put it. Transitions like this can require seven generations to really sort out the worst problems and I'm afraid its going to get worse before it gets significantly better. Lots of screaming and yelling and gnashing of teeth along with others quietly resigned to bearing the load with whatever dignity they can muster. It is what the I-Ching describes as the "Turning Point" where both disaster and great deeds are possible.

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The popular wisdom regarding educating and raising children in the 90s and 00s was, in many respects, not effective in helping kids become functional adults. That is why you see a veneer of uber-successful young people and a rather large mass of angry, loutish, arrogant twenty-somethings who have a tough time holding jobs and paying rent.

The first group got a more traditional life education, the one that reminds them that the world does not care about them or owe them anything, that making it is a function of what they do.

The second group got told in school that they were all so special, apparently just for being there and maintaining a pulse. From what I see, a lot of them got raised by the television and video games at home. As adults they carry a giant disconnect in expectations between services provided and compensation.

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I think that they are the finest, most empathtic generation that we've ever produced. I feel very bad that they are gonna be wiped out by the selfishness of my generation.

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SCAREY.........?! There is very little respect for other's feelings and property. You'll get knocked down and ripped off in seconds flat these "daze."

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divided, focused more on facades of tolerance than tolerance, cut throat, narcissistic, superficial... but at times surprisingly good natured.

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