Queen Of The Damned, 500 Days Of Summer and Sucker Punch.
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3. Labyrinth

2. Monty Python and the Holy Grail

1. Office Space

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"La Vita E Bella" is a 1997 Italian movie that's very moving.

"Crimson Rivers" is fine police story with Jean Reno and Vincent Cassel.

"Leon: The Professsional" also stars Jean Reno and a young Natalie Portman.

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Intouchables (french movie, but quite popular)

Cars 2

Harry potter

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3. Annie Hall

2. All About Eve

1. North By Northwest

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Shaun Of The Dead

The 40 Year Old Virgin

Kung Fu Hustle

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Robin Hood - Errol Flynn

The ten comandments - Charlton Heston

Avatar - Zoey Saldana

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"Taking Chance" (an HBO movie)

"2046" (a Chinese movie w/English subtitles)

"We Were Soldiers Once"

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District 9

Lord Of The Rings trilogy

Conan The Barbarian

though...I have many others.

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Halloween (1978)

Iron Man

The Wolfman (2010)

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Last Days

The Matrix

Shaun of the Dead

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shashank redemption

empire strikes back


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Forest Gump

Lord of the rings

The natural

Can't really pick just three, but Forrest Gump is #1 for sure

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I feel you. I have a hard time choosing just 3. definantly Queen of the Damned though for sure.

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the sweeney (british cop remake from the 70's)


that's the way it is (elvis)

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