My drop in just showed a Space Shuttle documentary that emphasised the FX of deforestation - mudslides, stripping away fertile topsoil - leading to food shortage & famine I encouraged folk here to use EP & other 'Net discussion forums to influence politicians worldwide Must google what bipartisan deals are likely? & what UN deals are most likely?
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Fiscal "cliff" ahead.

The greedy masses just elected a Pretender who's campaign slogan was "FORWARD!"

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They should sell Arizona and Texas to Mexico.

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They are addicted to spending. They have to


thats the best way to fix the issue.

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First order of business Grover Norquist and his organization has to shut the eff up then something might get done. Lobbyists such as Norquist are what's ruined this country and in my opinion are the primary cause of why we're in the situation we are in today. If those Republican's that were duped into signing that pledge the Norquist (literally signing their souls over to the devil) put forward to them actually grew a spine and told him to go to he11 ... things can start to change ... but as long as there are puppeteers such as this moron behind the scenes making his threats if the people in charge don't do what HE wants them to do ... there is little chance of change.

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