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My granny is in the hospital. She had the flu and pnemonia (she is over that now). She is confused, sometimes agitated, *******, and hasnt been eating much. Her Bp was over 200 for over a week (systolic 200 dystolic stayed between 68-98),.. her normal bp is (systolic) 97-125)Her Sodium levels were so low they said she could of went into a coma. They put her on a sodium chloride drip for about 4 hrs,. took her off it. Now (since about 6 am) they said theyre going to have to put it back in her. Any ideas?o btw,.. she has hyper thyroidism
jmillsmmc2012 jmillsmmc2012 22-25, F 3 Answers Jan 20, 2011

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This may not help much in this case, but I do know that sodium competes with potassium in the kidney tubules, so if she likes bananas and other potassium rich foods, or she is getting medication with potassium in it, I wonder if perhaps this could be a reason? Its a bit of a long shot though.

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It sounds like she's not getting enough sodium in her diet. <br />
If she's drinking lots of fluids then she might be flushing out too much sodium & more. <br />
I've had trouble keeping my sodium level too the last several years, resulting in ileus & doing things I had no memory of the next day. Adding extra salt to food wasn't enough & after my third hospital stay I began taking at least two grams of salt pills daily + salt on food. That's seems to be working well enough for over three years now. The bad part now is that my bp is high. <br />
If she's taking HYDROCHLOROTHIAZIDE for high blood pressure that could reduce her sodium level & explain her ******* ( )

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yes too much potassium gets rid of sodium in the body. I think the doc needs to look at that. She may need a pacemaker if the bp is too low.

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