I need to control everything from work to my personal life, i get impatient if its not controlled and i just think i need to detach myself from everything. any suggestions?welcome=t4
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Hard to say I have a friend like that he chews his fingernails back so far his fingers look like bulbous frog toes. He has no sense of humor to speak of and throws a wet blanket on everything. I have no idea how to help him because he is so up tight.

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People who don't have good control over themselves, quite often tend to try to "control" the rest.

Having control is not bad - if you manage to keep your head cool and not get much involved. Just keep everything in perfect organization.

Most "controlling" people quite too much lack self-esteem and inner balance. What gets them into trying to "control" outer people/circumstances, and many of them abuse that.

So you must keep your life and everything in control of course, but not get obsessed with that :)

That is VERY unhealthy and much lacking meaning also.

Find inner peace and inner balance.

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Understand that there is more than one way to be right. Someone else can be just as right as you, by a different path.

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Read about living lifes purpose it has a brown cover and say"what on earth am i hear for at the bottom"

I am close to god but not super into a specific religion. This book is great!!! Even just got to that store and read the inro! it will change thing for you.

When you thrive on control you will lose alll of it because you are not perfect. When you give control to God all will turn out how it is ment to because God can never lose control... Hes God!! :D

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let you to be controlled.

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Give it up!

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