for the past year I have slept all day and stayed up all night but I'm tired of it I want to sleep at night but I can't seem to fall asleep or stay asleep or even go back to sleep after I wake up. thanks everyone who answers it means a lot to me.
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finally i found people who have the same problem that i do/did with sleeping.....3-4 nights a week i just can not seem to fall to sleep and stay a sleep, either i have to use the restroom or i need some water in the middle of the night ...its soo annoying. but i think i finally found my dream product....omg its called 5 stage sleep shot it natural and an easy shot bottle to drink down really like 30 minutes after i drink it im groggy -- got to my bed and sleep sound thru the night :)

check out their site i think u can get a free sample..

hope this helps someone cause it helped me.

sara lee

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Hard problem. People world-wide struggle with sleep issues. Exercise during the day, try melatonin before bed, avoid nicotine and caffeine, eat seratonin rich foods, drink warm milk, make the room cold and snuggle under blankets, and create a safe place in your mind and go there.

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A lot of people who have suffered organic brain syndromes have impairment to the sleep center of the brain. People with hormone imbalance like hypothyroid or perimenopause also often suffer this way. People with mild traumatic brain injury also. The body is a fragile thing, and talking oneself out of the symptoms coukd be like a person with a severed spinal cord talking herself into walking again. If you are talking about stress, e.g., hypervigilance, well... Their limbic systems are on high alert. Important to discover the reason for sleep dysfunctions., I think.

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i use yoga :D it works

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