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other than text support and skype. In person, what could I do to help? She is highly stressed and has family issues. But I don't know what else I can do but listen
SomethingNew88 SomethingNew88 18-21, M 2 Answers Jan 25, 2014 in Health

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Well, with family issues, beyond what you are already doing you can offer you friend a place to escape to if it gets too much, knowing there is a place you can run to if you need it takes a load off.

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anything else you can suggest? Sometimes I wonder if I am really doing anything at all

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Just being there, supporting them is a massive help, so many people dont make an effort that when you do, it shows you really care, and knowing someone cares is huge.

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A friend of mine (when faced with a similar problem) decided to help by runing errands, cooking meals, and cleaning her house

feels .. strange or jealous that I struggle with this a bit myself when my friend can so easily come up with a solution

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I had a friend i did that for, but only because she didnt have the time to do it herself. Find out what your friend needs, and help out, if that means getting groceries, then do that, if that means offering a place to stay, do that too, and if it just means being supportive where no one else is, than do that.

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